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First Name Surname Rank Station Year 
Gordon ADAMS Chief Ambulance Officer Headquarters 2015
Sharon (Shaz) AFTANAS Emergency Response Co-Ordinator Control 2014
Jim APPLETON Ambulance Paramedic Havant 2015
Fred ASKEW Leading Ambulanceman Totton 2007
Raymond BAILEY Ambulance Paramedic Portsmouth Main 2019
Sean BALFE Ambulance Paramedic Portsmouth 2010
Jim BARNETT Leading Ambulanceman Alton 2013
David BAYLISS Ambulanceman Lymington 2017
Lenny BEAR Leading Ambulanceman Cosham & Portsea 2009
Martin BEALE Ambulance Technician Totton 2012
Dave BRAY Ambulance Paramedic Hightown, Hythe & Nursling 2017
Ray BROCK Control Officer Southampton and Control 1997
Robbie BROWN Clinical Supervisor Southampton 2010
Ernie BURDEN Control Superintendent Control 2013
Anthony BURDEN Control Officer Control 2012
Jim Butler Sub Officer  Control
Mick CARROLL Ambulance Technician Portsea 2019
Bert CARTER Senior Driver Ringwood
Peggy CHALK Control Room Assistant Control 2011
Colin CHANDLER Senior Ambulance Officer Control 2007
Wyn Churchill Head Driver Andover
Ronald CRUISE Ambulanceman Basingstoke 1981
Chas Dargan Patient Transport Services Andover 2016
Alf Day Sub Officer Portsea
Chris DAYSH Leading Ambulanceman Portsea & Portsmouth Main 2019
Colin Davies Mechanic Southampton 2020
David Davies Portsmouth
Melvyn DAVIES Ambulance Paramedic Portsmouth 2012
Ray Davies Ambulance Paramedic Ringwood & Eastleigh
Bob  Deacon Station Officer Andover & Winchester
Charles DEVERILL  Leading Ambulanceman Cosham & Havant 2008
John  DODD Portsmouth 2011
Ivan DOSWELL Control Superintendent Control 2007
Len DUNFORD Ambulanceman Southampton 2009
Wally DYKE Station Officer Ringwood 2016
Ernie ELLIOTT Control Room Assistant Control 2008
Matilda (Dee) Elton Andover
Ernie EMERY Ambulanceman Portsmouth
Jim ENOKSEN Safety Officer Headquarters 2014
Brian FAIRCLOUGH Leading Ambulanceman Portsmouth  2020
Arthur FARLEY Station Officer Gosport 1985
Arthur FERRIS Divisional Training Officer Headquarters 2007
John FLEW Portsmouth 2008
Terry FORGHAM Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer Headquarters 2016
Monty FOX Ambulanceman Ringwood
Dave FRANKS Ambulance Technician Hightown 2018
Charlie FUTCHER Station Officer Petersfield 2012
John GATES Ambulance Paramedic Lymington 2014
Ted GEARING Station Officer Basingstoke 2011
David GELDARD Ambulanceman Portsmouth Main 2016
Graham GENT Basingstoke 2007
John GILKES Control Officer Control 2008
John GLYNN Station Officer Hedge End & Hightown 2013
Dave GOODALL Leading Ambulanceman Ringwood 2010
Peter (Pete) GOATER Station Superintendent Portsmouth 2015
Reg GOULD Ambulanceman Hightown 2014
John Gregory Sub-Officer Control
Piers GREGORY Leading Ambulanceman Andover 2012
Thurston Grundy Administrative Assistant Training
James (Jimmy) HALL Senior Control Officer Control 2007
Jack Ham Cosham
John HAMSON Ambulance Technician Portsmouth 2013
Doug HANNAH Chief Ambulance Officer Headquarters 2018
Robert (Bob) HARRIS Ambulanceman Southampton 2014
Alf HARRISON Ambulance Technician Portsmouth 2008
Ray HARRISON Mechanic Ringwood 2012
Ernie HATCHER Paramedic Winchester & Eastleigh 2019
Ernie HAWKINS Control
Philip  HEARLE Personnel Manager Headquarters 2020
Mike HEROD Basingstoke 2008
David HILBORNE Control Officer Control 2018
Derek HITCHENS Service Duty Officer Headquarters 2015
George Hodgson Leading Ambulance Paramedic Andover
Terry HOPE Leading Ambulance Technician Hythe 2018
George Houldsworth Chief Ambulance Officer / Vehicles Southampton & Vehicles
Keith HOYLAND Paramedic Basingstoke 2018
Bob HUTCHINS Ambulance Technician Basingstoke 2012
Jack JEREZ Ambulance Technician Southampton 2007
Rowley JONES Hospital Liaison Officer   North Hants Hospitals 2018
Reginald John IRELAND Senior Staff Officer Headquarters 2014
Peter KAIL Ambulance Technician Whitchurch 2007
Tony KERNICK Ambulanceman Cosham 2016
Maurice (Mo) KEMISH Station Officer Totton 2020
John KENNY Analyst Headquarters 2013
Frank Kesby Portsmouth
Anthony (Tony) KING Ambulanceman Gosport 2014
Frank KINGE Control Officer Control 1995
Ian Kirby Control Officer Control
George Kirk Station Officer  Eastleigh & Southampton 2021
Bob KILL 2011
Bernard (Bernie) Kitching Leading Ambulanceman Petersfield 2020
Denny LAUDER Station Officer Winchester 2021
Terry LEAR Ambulance Technician Southampton 2010
Ray Loxton Leading Ambulanceman Lymington
John LUCK Training Officer Training
Arthur Mace Hospital Liaison Officer South West Division
Ann Mansbridge Administrative Assistant Training 2014
Jack MATHER Ambulance Aid Instructor Basingstoke 2020
Bill MATTHEWS Ambulanceman Lymington 2021
David (Dusty) MILLER Ambulance Technician Portsmouth 2008
Gordon MULLINS Ambulanceman Lymington 2018
Tony NASH Portsmouth
Walter (Wally) NEGUS Ambulance Technician Basingstoke 2016
Owen NEWCOMBE Ambulance Technician Portsmouth 2007
Douglas Newey Cosham
Brian (Knocker) NORRIS Leading Ambulanceman Andover 2020
Pete NORMAN Sub-Officer Portsmouth Main 2019
Ted North Ambulanceman  Southampton 2021
Peter Ogden Sub Officer  Control
Fred (Tom) Parker Control / Vehicles Control
Roy PARKHURST Ambulanceman Havant 2011
Brian PARROTT Leading Ambulanceman Portsmouth
Cliff Pierce Ambulanceman/Vehicles Manager Portsmouth 2021
Tom PITMAN Ambulanceman Gosport 2015
Arthur (Stan) POOLE Ambulanceman Fareham 2014
Ted Porter Ambulanceman Portsmouth Main 2021
Sandy POWELL Leading Ambulance Paramedic Portsmouth 2010
Derek (Dicky) PRIDDLE Ambulance Technician Alton 2013
Bev PRITCHARD Ambulance Paramedic Havant 2016
Alan PUGH Ambulance Paramedic Basingstoke 2008
Russel READ Ambulance Paramedic Winchester 1994
James (Jock) Reid Station Officer Andover
Ian RICKMAN Ambulance Technician Lymington 2014
Ken RULE Station Officer Fareham & Gosport 2012
Tom RUTTER Station Officer Hythe 2018
Roy SAWYER Ambulanceman Portsmouth 2013
Len SIMMS Ambulance Technician Southampton 2008
Bob  SMART Area Officer  Basingstoke & Winchester 2021
Evelyn (Joan) SMART Control Room Assistant Control 2012
George Snelling Control Officer Control
Peter Snook Control Superintendent Control
Pete SOUTAR Leading Ambulance Paramedic Portsmouth Main 2021
Barry SPARKS Driving Instructor Cosham, Havant, Alton 2017
Des STANGER Control Superintendent Control 2020
Lewis STUBBS Leading Ambulance Paramedic Gosport 2015
Pete Tasker Ambulanceman Andover
Barry TEE Leading Ambulance Paramedic Portsmouth 2009
Bob THOMAS Ambulanceman Portsmouth 2009
Harry TILLER Ambulanceman Portsmouth 2011
Charlie TRIM Leading Ambulanceman Southampton 2017
Irene TURNER Wife of Ted Turner RCAO 2014
Ted TURNER Regional Chief Ambulance Office Headquarters 2009
Robert (Topsy) TURNER Ambulance Technician Portsmouth 2010
Brian    TURNER Ambulance Paramedic Ringwood 2013
John Ashley VAUGHAN Ambulanceman Southampton 2014
Bernard VOLLER Leading Ambulanceman Fareham 2012
Malcolm WALKER Ambulanceman Petersfield 2017
Tom WARD Chief Ambulance Officer Portsmouth 1982
George WATSON Ambulance Paramedic Portsmouth 2008
Val Watson Station Officer Andover 2000
Sylvia (June) WAY Administrative Assistant Headquarters 2015
Charlie (Brian) WEBB Ambulanceman Fareham 2021
Derek WHINES Ambulance Technician Southampton 2007
Fred White Sub-Officer Portsea
Ray WILLIAMS Control Officer Control 2007
Steve Woonton Leading Ambulanceman Hightown 2014
John Wright Control Officer   Control
Peter WYATT Ambulance Technician Portsmouth 2007
Ken YALDREN Ambulanceman Winchester 2014